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Premier Paranormal Researchers 187 Paranormal Investigations and Research Group

Investigating The Unknown

Shelly Robertson and Vincent Robertson make up 187 P.I., a paranormal investigation and research group founded in 2014, which produces hair-raising video documentaries of haunted places and unexplained phenomena that can be found on YouTube.

With the help of 187 P.I.'s team of volunteers and teammates, 187 P.I. has developed a methodology for approaching paranormal investigations with a rational mindset by using their individual and combined unique abilities. As part of their research process, the team utilizes a variety of essential and sophisticated equipment as well as a process of elimination to identify any natural explanations that may explain any claims or phenomena. They are standing by to assist anyone who needs help determining if they have experienced something supernatural, not just in Ohio and Indiana, but all over the country. Shelly and Vincent have investigated scores of haunted locations throughout the USA and Canada, and the 187 P.I. team follows a more scientific and secular investigative method. They do not utilize any methods of exorcism, cleansings, nor do they perform any type of religious ritual for blessing buildings, people, or properties. They rely on scientific methods and logic to conduct their research, though Shelly does experience claircognizance regarding people and uses her intuition in an open-minded manner when conducting her research.

Founder and co-owner Shelly has appeared on numerous radio shows (Fate Magazine Radio, Paranormal Experienced, Haunted Voices, and The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell out of Canada) and the Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell, being the owner of the infamously haunted The Old Pauling Jail. The jail serves as a paranormal research center and is where the team broadcasts Ghost Talk Radio, which airs on at 8pm EST every Friday.

Shelly holds certificates in Forensic Science, Astronomy, Palmistry, Criminology and Profiling. She is a Certified Ghost Hunter, for which she studied under the very talented and world-renowned paranormal investigator, Patti Starr. She is also a member of Ghost Chasers International. She has been nominated for several paranormal awards as has the entire team of 187 P.I. Her husband Vincent is the co-owner of the jail and is a certified paranormal investigator, as well. The team and the jail itself rely on him for technical support, and his hands-on involvement in the jail's restoration projects makes him an invaluable part of its history in the making.

187 P.I. would not be complete without its supporting members, the experienced and certified paranormal investigative duo, Ronda and Rob Trammel of Ohio. They provide ongoing research and support for the many functions at The Old Paulding Jail. As volunteers at the Old Paulding Jail, Indiana residents Melodie and Rob Wisniewski assist with many projects and events throughout the year. They have extensive experience in paranormal investigation and have conducted research at several haunted locations over the years. Jenna and Scot Fithen (of Ohio) are also volunteers at The Old Paulding Jail. Additionally, Jenna and Scot build and design ITC spirit communication devices called the BooTube and BooLights, and they create several other items under their own brand, Jenna and Scott Investigate.

A historical society plays a very critical role, not only in protecting and preserving the historical record but also in interpreting the past for the general public. This means that the future of the profession of history is inextricably linked to the future of these societies. As owner of the jail, Shelly has been a guest speaker for the Paulding Historical Society at the Paulding Museum. The team hosts ghost hunting events with the help of its dedicated and hardworking volunteers. Their roles in haunted tourism help to raise awareness of and connection to their community's history. Shelly plans to further develop the team’s research and already has numerous investigations planned for the future.

You too can conduct an investigation at The Old Paulding Jail on South Williams Street in Paulding, Ohio by making a reservation through Bring your team of up to 8 people for a private investigation and all your ghost hunting gear so you can capture all the haunting activity in the building during your private investigation!

To learn more about 187 P.I. and their research visit and follow them on social media at or You can also get in touch with the team via email at

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