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Premier Paranormal Researchers 10th Dimension Paranormal Group

“Meanness is the means to an end. Kindness is the road to eternity.”

Missouri is known for some of the most haunted places in the country, and ghosts have been reported to inhabit some of the Show-Me State's most famous places as well as many we may never know about. Spooky sights await those who are courageous enough to take on the mysteries of Missouri, like the 10th Dimension team based in Blue Springs.

Born in 1952 in Puerto Rico and the son of a military family, Founder Hector Lugo is of Taino Indian descent, and is a well-traveled "military brat". He spent eight years of his life in Europe, learning much that couldn't be taught in schools. After graduating from two high schools, one of which was in Germany, he continued on to university, soon meeting his beloved wife, Pamela in June of 1976. Now the proud parents of three children (Summer, Leanna, and Matt), the family has experienced its own paranormal encounters. Inspired, Pam and Hector founded the 10th Dimension Paranormal Group on February 4, 2001. This was not long after Hector suffered a heart attack brought on by the stress of his career in hospital safety and security.

Hector has authored a book based on the true events of his own life, “Horizontal Ledge, Vertical Edge: My Life After Death Experience”, in which he delves into extensive detail concerning his spiritual gift of intuition, his early spiritual experiences, encounters with an angelic person who he believes to be Jesus, and his Near-Death Experience. His 50 years of paranormal experiences could not possibly be summed up in one book, so he plans to release another in the near future. "I realize that a lot of people have their own opinions or encounters over their lifetime that will help them make decisions on their journey. I’m just trying to share mine so they can see or feel what it is like to have such a life-changing experience," Hector says. "Just don’t ignore all the hints or dots on the way to that experience."

In an episode of My Ghost Story Caught on Camera, Hector appears in the episode titled “Shape-Shifter”. He has also been featured on numerous local television shows and has participated in some Halloween specials on several TV channels throughout the years, as well as radio and talk shows. The 10th Dimension Paranormal Group held an annual conference in the Kansas City area for paranormal researchers to meet and collaborate until the Covid pandemic brought it to a halt after 10 years.

10th Dimension members Marilyn, Diana, Dave, Viv, Gary, Michael, and Kelly have been with the group since its beginnings. Along with new members like Anamaria, Dena, Stephanie, and Rex, all bring something unique to the table that makes the group so special. With many of the team members of Native American heritage, they are one of the few groups around that does total spiritual cleansings for which they never charge a fee. The process of becoming a team member is a rigorous one, and it is their policy to never provoke or speak disrespectfully to anyone, including the living, thus their perspective and motto is: “Meanness is the means to an end. Kindness is the road to eternity.”

It is Hector’s belief and experience that almost every spirit they encounter is simply looking for guidance or help, and it is the team’s duty to assist them. They make the most of their investigations, having fun but with a sense of service. They continue to support their community with their research, fundraising, and collaboration with other paranormal groups.

For more information on Hector and the 10th Dimension team, please visit their website at or follow them on Facebook @10thdimensionparanormalgroup and Twitter @10th_dimension.

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