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Premier Paranormal Researcher Southern Paranormal Society NC

The day started like many others for Billy Edwards when he just happened to run into James Britt. Seeing Billy's Southern Paranormal Society NC logo on his truck, James struck up a conversation, and so their paths aligned. Nine years later, they have conducted countless investigations, helped numerous families solve mysteries in their homes and lives, and successfully removed many dangerous energies from affected locations. With their combined life experiences, the two North Carolina men make a formidable team, motivated to seek, examine, and hunt for evidence and explanations thanks to their investigative spirit.

“Our mission is to help those who are being affected by activity that is considered paranormal or supernatural. To remain with our clients until the problem has been resolved. To bring our faith, compassion, and the best scientific equipment to a location. To discover the truth about activity or perceived activity on a case-by-case basis. Our mission is to never turn down a case no matter how small or large to assist our clients with their paranormal needs.”

Billy is not just a paranormal investigator but also a published author, lecturer, and ordained minister. For him, and James alike, Spirit is a way of life and reason for being, not something done for YouTube views. He began his paranormal research at the tender age of only 10, having witnessed his first of many shadow people. One day, when the shadowy figure deterred from its usual routine to focus on Billy, his grandmother instinctively grabbed her Bible and commanded it to leave. This eye-opening experience helped Billy develop his methodology for dealing with such entities and to later bring peace and closure to the team’s clients. As with Billy, James's first paranormal experience occurred in his childhood home, which was once a stagecoach station that his grandfather acquired and converted into the family homestead. There were phantom footsteps heard throughout the house, always traveling down the same path, and many orbs of light as well as the clanging of silverware and glass in the kitchen. In later years, James and Billy investigated the old house and found that the phantom activity had been caused by James' own grandfather.

The Southern Paranormal Society NC exists to both assist those in immediate need with any #supernatural happenings in their lives and environments, as well as to educate about paranormal subjects through lectures and books. They believe strongly in the importance of both spiritual awareness and historical preservation, hosting charitable events to educate attendees and raise money for historical sites. When they’re not raising funds for worthy causes, the team takes the time to answer requests for paranormal assistance from folks in their community. They investigate in both the public arena and private residences, protecting the privacy of families at all costs. Some of their public investigations include the Fayetteville (NC) Women’s Club, Fleming Hall in Greenville, NC, Mill Prong House in Red Springs, NC, and the Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach, VA.

“In the end our faith and intent of that faith is the only weapon we have against paranormal or supernatural attacks.” Billy Edwards

Southern Paranormal Society NC plans to expand their research, educate paranormal enthusiasts, and assist in haunted heritage preservation and the preservation of the community in the years to come.

To find out more about Southern Paranormal, visit You can also find Billy on Facebook at

For an in-depth exploration of the potential dangers and pitfalls of paranormal investigation, check out Billy Edwards book, The Paranormal, which can be found on Amazon and

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