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Premier Paranormal Researcher Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS)

Andrew “Drew” Gill of Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS) certainly possesses all the attributes necessary for effective research of an often-unseen world: life-long experience, discernment, and the investigative spirit which motivates him and the team to seek, examine, and hunt for evidence and explanations.

Determined to join a paranormal research team to gain a better understanding of the unexplained, Drew began his journey with PAPS. He is now enjoying his 5th year with his new team, turned family. He regularly investigates the very paranormally active HD South Gilbert Museum whose spirits never disappoint in their interaction with the living. Drews warns you to be prepared, as you may be scratched or have your hair pulled! Otherwise, you can expect to likely catch EVPs galore, have a conversation via spirit box, and possibly film a full-bodied apparition. As well as conducting private investigations, many of which are attributed to the large number of house calls the team makes, the team also offers tours of the museum that can cause the most skeptic of souls to question everything.

Stepping back in time for a moment, Drew’s interest in studying all that is paranormal was peaked at the young age of 6 in La Puente, California. He was drawn to some of the most entertaining shows that television had to offer for us paranormal enthusiasts, such as “Unsolved Mysteries” and, later, “The Haunted”, based on Ed & Lorraine Warren’s “One Family's Nightmare”. He experienced his own brushes with the paranormal in the family home, including uneasiness in particular areas, phantom footsteps, voices, and shadows. He was always aware of a presence. Things escalated a bit during his teens when he would be scratched at night, his ceiling fan spinning on its own without power, and occasional caresses down his back. Once he moved away and got married, his brother caught the first EVP in the home by accident while recording music: a chilling, “Tell me what you want.”

PAPS, established in 1999, has provided Drew with invaluable knowledge since joining the ranks, for which he is eternally grateful. He is hungry to continue developing his skillset and depth of knowledge with the help of his team. With so much yet unknown, he understands this hobby turned passion will be a lifelong learning experience and embraces the journey to come. Drew has big plans for the future of his research, including a paranormal channel now underway called Vintage Ghost. The channel will be dedicated to the discussion of technique, product reviews, reviewing of footage, live footage, and will welcome guests and viewer submissions.

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Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society (PAPS).

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