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Premier Paranormal Researcher Kristen Amanda of Paranorm Girl Podcast

The Paranorm Girl Podcast was born from an insatiable desire to learn about the paranormal at a foundational level. Is there anything to it? Who are the experts? What can the legends and lore tell us? Is the abounding fear of this subject…unfounded - Or is it appropriate?

Kristen Amanda, the host of this weekly show, comes from an acting and filmmaking background. Growing up, while not raised within any particular faith or religion, her mother did encourage an open mind in regards to the mysterious, the fringe and the paranormal. As she grew older and moved away, started college, began pursuing ambitions with acting and production in Hollywood, though her interest in the paranormal never left her, she DID begin to question what it was that she thought she knew. And whether she actually believed any of it.

During the height of the pandemic, this skeptical believership came to a head. Still fascinated by the paranormal and done wondering what it was all about, she took her passion for performance and willingness to dive down any rabbit hole…and Paranorm Girl was born.

This show isn’t just for the skeptical believer. It’s for the open minded. For anyone who is willing to take the deep dive and values education, who is willing to examine their own beliefs and opinions. And is ready to accept what they find…Whether you are a full-on skeptic or a believer yearning to know more, if you’re looking for an education in the paranormal, she is your Paranorm Girl.

Give a listen to one of the premier paranormal researchers and podcasters in the USA, Kristen of Paranorm Girl Podcast, on your favorite platform.

"Stay safe. Keep the nightlight on…And sleep with one eye open."

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