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Premier Paranormal Researcher Kit McGuire and Lost & Found Paranormal

Those who live in Arizona know its underlying mystery and the downright spooky nature underpinning its Old West feel. From the ghostly tales of the Superstition Mountains to the eerie Saguaro cacti silhouetted against the night sky, Arizona has a mysterious quality that is difficult to explain. Even the places that seem peaceful and inviting have their secrets, making it easy to understand why this state has such a spooky, otherworldly feel.

Arizona resident and paranormal guru Kit McGuire began his paranormal research and investigation way back in 1968, long before he moved to The Grand Canyon State. He was motivated by his own experience of the supernatural, and he wanted to further explore the possibilities of the supernatural world. He started conducting experiments solo with the occasional consultation with a close friend who is a Demonologist whenever he feels apprehensive about a particular location. Rewinding to 1968, Kit first dipped his toe into the paranormal waters in Vermillion, Ohio, at what is now known as the Gore Orphanage. After countless hours of research and investigation into its legend, Kit found that the fire that supposedly took the lives of the orphaned children and led to its haunted ruins was but a myth. The fire was accidentally set long after the grounds had been abandoned and the children had moved on. "It was, and maybe still is today, a good place for guys to take their girlfriends parking for a little thrill based on a fabricated story."

Kit now develops and builds some of his own equipment, like SLS (Structured Light Sensor) units. "I'm still a bit old school. I still have the old Radio Shack Realistic cassette tape recorder I used so many years ago!" he says. Although Kit's health limits his physical activity nowadays, he enjoys teaching others what he has learned along the way and has given inspirational lectures on his research (and the topic of the paranormal in general) both at colleges and in other forums. "Entities surround us all the time. It's all interdimensional. Just like other anomalies, i.e. Bigfoot, alien entities, etc. It's about energy!" Kit explains. "Intelligent plasma energy that doesn't go away...There are two types of energy known thus far, intelligent (plasma) energy and residual energy. Big differences here. Ghosts are different from spirits!"

A few items are all Kit needs, such as an Olympus digital voice recorder, an Ovilus X with DTS vocabulary, and a Tri-Field meter in order to locate spikes, determine if any spikes are associated with faulty electrical wiring, and so forth. In addition to his SLS, he has acquired enough equipment to cover at least a dozen room locations with "X" cams, still cameras, and monitors that can cover up to16 cameras simultaneously. That being said, he chooses not to preserve audio and video findings. He doesn't trust the evil that could be attached to electronic energy. Nevertheless, he spends countless hours reviewing his findings after a private investigation, putting them on DVDs and giving them to the client before destroying anything. "When I review EVPs I have and use an HPxw4600 computer with an Orban soundcard (very expensive and very high quality), "Kit explains. "The Orban sound card really works wonders. I can hear what others cannot hear with this!" In EVPs, investigators capture the energy waves the dead use to communicate with us. An energy source is needed to produce these vibrations and sounds. The Orban soundcard is a high-quality audio interface that allows users to capture, monitor, and process audio signals. It features a low-noise preamp, an optical digital output, and an expandable I/O configuration, making it ideal for capturing EVPs.

With no plans to join a paranormal team or collect a fee for his investigations, Kit is free to keep doing what he loves without the trappings or obligations of teamwork or being motivated by profit. Kit offers free paranormal services to people in need, helping them to understand and deal with supernatural phenomena in their lives. He is not driven by money, but instead by a passion for paranormal investigations and the desire to help people in need.

For more information about his work and to learn more about his discoveries over the past five decades, you can reach out to him at and follow him

on Facebook @lostandfoundparanormalresearch.

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