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Premier Paranormal Researcher Inside The Attic with Angel Naves

Paranormal Researcher Angel Naves – of Miami, Florida – is a passionate professional when it comes to the study and documentation of the unexplained. A Psychology graduate, his keen interest in exploring the unknown corners of the mind and of our reality never wavers. In his role as creator and leader of Inside the Attic, he directs a paranormal research team built on both integrity and curiosity; a team that is quickly gaining widespread recognition in the paranormal research world.

The Hispanic community in which Angel was raised was culturally diverse in terms of paranormal beliefs. From Santeria to Voodoo, he was exposed to beliefs that are atypical of the USA, and this diversity paved the way for his open-minded study of all that is unseen. Armed with his parents’ camcorder at an early age, Angel began his journey not only into filmmaking, but the filming of paranormal evidence as well. His first works were published on early YouTube and his now-lost-in-time Myspace account titled “Alone in the Dark?” where he posted videos and stills of shadows and spirits captured in cemeteries while investigating with friends.

His father’s battle with cancer brought Angel’s own life to a standstill, and his passion for the paranormal and filmmaking had to quietly kindle for several years. With some nudging from friends and family, he recently picked back up on his quest and is now on the path with renewed gusto. Early in 2022, Angel began researching the latest tools used in the field. With his experience with technology and filming equipment, it made it easy for him to understand and acquire the tools he needed for his research. Because he had experienced paranormal activity in the attic of his childhood home, he found the name Inside the Attic befitting of his new team. Their first formal investigation took place at the infamous Devil’s Chair in Cassadaga, Florida. Several popular videos later, Angel has made his name and team known in the paranormal community and is not planning to lose steam anytime soon. From growing up in the streets of Miami and dreaming of one day being a paranormal investigator to making that dream a reality, he now expresses his gratitude for the paranormal community welcoming him into it with open arms, is thankful APM for featuring his story, and wishes to thank all those who have helped him along the way.

He is currently investigating familiar locations such as his childhood home. His mother reported being watched by a shadowy figure peering at her from the hallway into her bedroom. Perhaps this is the same shadow figure that Angel saw peeking at him in bed as a child? Since his father’s death, the activity in the home seems to have increased and gathered strength and, at times, displays intelligence. Evidence of this ongoing investigation into the phenomena in his childhood home can be viewed on Instagram @inside_the_attic and TikTok @insidetheatticofficial. Because it is an emotional one, Angel is going this investigation alone without the team, not yet knowing how it relates to his father's death.

You can join Angel on his solo journey and with Inside the Attic by visiting Currently, they are accepting house calls from residents in Florida experiencing paranormal activity.

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