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Premier Paranormal Researcher Connecticut Ghost Investigations

Some locations simply seem to lend themselves to hauntings, perhaps due to the dramatic or grisly events that occurred there in the past. The Constitution State is no stranger to sightings of spectral soldiers from the Revolutionary War over the centuries. Connecticut is richly historic. It has had many brutal wars through the years and perhaps what happens is that turbulent moments leave lasting impressions. The haunted nature of Connecticut can be traced back to its history. There is no doubt that Connecticut stands out among other states for its extraordinarily haunted nature in comparison with others. Paranormal researchers and investigators like Connecticut Ghost Investigations are naturally needed in places like these in order to help others navigate their own paranormal experiences.

Connecticut Ghost Investigations Co-Founders, Jeff Banks and Jim Chianese, are committed to helping their clients to understand their experiences with respect to their beliefs and will eliminate every other possible explanation before declaring paranormal activity.

Jim and Jeff's approaches to each investigation are different. While Jim is more inclined to a spiritual approach, Jeff is more skeptical. He is always seeking logical explanations for why things happen. This yin-yang dynamic allows them to explore and address these encounters from different perspectives. It is Jeff's lack of personal experiences and any strange feelings that gives them an edge when investigating, according to the team. Occasionally, Jim uses a pendulum or dowsing rods to pick up information about the site by tapping into its energy, but they always verify the information received from these sessions with multiple sources of information. In addition to pendulums and dowsing rods, the team employs a variety of modern technologies such as a 4-camera DVR system with night vision along with handheld night vision video cameras, digital audio recorders, EMF detectors, EVP trigger objects, laser grid projectors, and more.

Among the unique qualities of the team is the ability to think outside the box. When debunking claims, they look for reasons why encounters occur and examine things from different angles. It may involve crawling into tight spaces or climbing around attics - something Jeff does since Jim avoids cobweb-infested areas because he is afraid of spiders. One of the team's investigators and Jeff's wife, Dawn, is another key asset. It appears that she picks up on emotional energy. Sometimes she experiences sorrow or sadness to the point that she breaks down in tears. Gail (Jim's wife) is also able to perceive spiritual energy, but she does not experience it the same way Dawn does. Usually, Jim uses Dawn or Gail as "Paranormal Bait" (a private joke) and has them enter a room to see their reaction after he "picks up a feeling" from it. This allows them to validate some of the experience that they are unable to verify with their equipment.

CGI captured their first shadow figure at the legendary Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, New York, one of the most haunted hotels on the east coast. Napanoch, New York is a small town nestled in the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains. Several famous guests have stayed at the historic Bed & Breakfast as well as some infamous ones that frequented the Gentleman's Club. Many of these guests are said to never have left.

It was at the Sterling Opera House in Derby, Connecticut that the team recorded several unexplained EVPs and EMF readings. Sterling Opera House was one of the first major entertainment venues in the Lower Naugatuck Valley, hosting vaudeville legends, international stars and historical premieres. Many of the biggest entertainers of the early 20th century performed at the Sterling. The legendary Lionel Barrymore and escape artist Harry Houdini performed here, just to name a couple. After 1945, it became a city hall and police station until the 1960s, when it was abandoned and fell into disrepair. The Sterling doesn't seem to have a tragic story like other haunted places. There are some claims that spirits here may be associated with Charles Sterling, who died before the structure was completed, or his widow. In any case, paranormal investigators claim to have recorded multiple EVP recordings, including children's voices and images showing spirit mists and orbs and shadow figures.

Another of the team's favorite locations to investigate is the Paine House Museum in Coventry, Rhode Island. The Paine House and surrounding property have passed hands numerous times and carry some of the town's earliest history. It is reportedly haunted by several spirits. This is where CGI recorded their first intelligent EVP, a paranormal voice response to a question, captured digitally and heard audibly.

Jim and Jeff are both retired Navy men. Jeff retired from the Navy after 20 years of service and has extensive experience in electronics, specifically submarine communications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education and Training. Currently, he works for the Department of the Navy. He has always been intrigued by ghosts and the possibility of another world and plans to continue his research, gaining knowledge that can be shared to help others better cope with and understand the paranormal events that take place around them. He is also willing to share technological and electronics expertise with those who want to learn how to use the tools of the field. After 27 years in the Navy, Jim retired and holds a master’s degree in Operations Management. A practicing witch for over 30 years, he has a diploma in Alchemy and Hermetic Studies from the International Alchemy Guild. He is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki (Usui Method of Natural Healing) and a Clinical Reflexologist. It is Jim's belief in service to his community that led him to engage in paranormal investigations. Each case is an opportunity to help someone understand what may be going on so they can return to their normal lives without fear.

For more information regarding Connecticut Ghost Investigations’ work, please visit their website at and follow them on Facebook @Connecticut.Ghost.Investigations. You may also reach out to them via

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