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Premier Paranormal Researcher Central Utah Paranormal

Former missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and current Deputy Sheriff, Ben Stephenson also serves his community as lead investigator of Central Utah Paranormal (C.U.P.) alongside team members Randy Wilkinson, Stephanie Eberle and Kayla Ellett, travelling the state of Utah assisting people with paranormal research and investigation free of charge.

One could argue that Ben’s spirituality today is the result of a lifetime of paranormal experiences that began when he was very young. Those experiences that he had to keep close to the chest as a child gave way to his open-minded compassion as an adult and inspired him to lead the C.U.P. team in helping those suffering from paranormal events with both sympathy and professionalism while also bettering their understanding of supernatural phenomena, debunking what is needed to be along the way and sometimes helping spirits find rest. An unfortunate incident during a stay at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA with his wife had ignited him to be more proactive in communicating with the unseen world. He needed answers and was determined to get them.

C.U.P. is communication-oriented and they try to communicate with what may be there by asking pertinent questions while obtaining EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and using devices to verify the presence and history of the area to confirm the information that we discover throughout an investigation. Team members each have their own special characteristic, ability, that assists in the investigation. For instance, Ben is adept at communicating yes and no answers with Dousing Rods, while another teammate is better at respectfully gaining EVPs. Others have a better sense of discernment when it comes to spirits. In all cases, they are respectful and do not try to make things more complicated. They contact other teams, investigators, or professionals if they feel something is out of their reach to see what else can be done to help their clients. Client privacy is paramount to everything they do, which is why only things approved by the client are shared online and on social media. Despite the many things they could share, even with our own paranormal community, they take their clients' privacy very seriously.

“We aim to help others understand the Paranormal, give others a safe space to talk about their experiences, and do so in a respectful manner.”

Driven by a calling to serve their community’s paranormal needs, Central Utah Paranormal operates by a 7-point code of Honesty, Integrity, Patience, Service, Love, Caring, and Intelligence without regard for money or fame. Providing a safe space for people to discuss their experiences and fears, the team serves as a support group for those suffering from the anxiety and emotional pain that may coincide with paranormal phenomena. They are well-positioned to understand the stigmas attached to these things and the unwelcoming nature of people of different faiths and belief systems. They also host a podcast titled Overtime Alien at, exploring accounts and research involving UFOs, UAPs, and aliens.

The team is now part of the PEX (Paranormal Experience) community and holds an annual conference in Nevada where they and other like-minded groups conduct tours at the conference and get to show civilians and VIPs what it’s like to do what they do out in the field. Ben looks forward to possibly expanding the team, doing some documentary work, and leading tours at some of the local Utah haunted locations. None of his plans for the future involve pursuing fame or sensationalizing the field of paranormal research with falsified videography or attention-seeking as he takes pride in his and his team’s humble goal to be a beacon of hope and peace for those who truly need them.

You can learn more about Central Utah Paranormal (C.U.P.) by visiting

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