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Premier Paranormal Researcher Bobby J. Gallo

Gallo Family Ghost Hunters –

Family Spirits & Family Spirits II

I've been investigating since 1989. My very first ghost-hunt was actually in a haunted theater built by my great uncles John and Mike Gallo in the town of Netcong NJ. This was before the term “paranormal investigator” was even coined. I remember using nothing but a 35mm camera, large VHS video camera, flashlight, analog cassette tape recorder and an old key on a piece of string to act as a pendulum... Oh, and yes, a candle. As the years went on I became a professional magician and put aside the paranormal. I toured the country performing for resort, college and television audiences. When the decision was made to leave that lifestyle and start a family, we moved down to the Carolina's where I began a corporate career. Then one day as my kids were watching TV they stumbled upon this new television show called “Ghost Adventures”. They were enthralled with these three random guys connecting with ghosts. The funny part of this was that they had no idea that their own father, 20 years earlier did nearly the exact same thing. So one day while watching the show I turned to them and said: “Hey kids, you know, daddy used to do that too!”

Just then the world stopped. They looked at me wide-eyed and immediately asked me to take them ghost-hunting. After consulting with their mother I agreed. We knew that if we did this, we would be visiting prominently historical locations and it would be educational as well as exciting.

So I brushed up on my investigative techniques, purchased some current gear including EMF detector, digital recorder, and a decent video camera, and off we went. All we wanted at that time was to capture at least one good photo, or EVP. Anything at all and we would have been happy.

What happened next was mind-blowing. It must have been the positive family unit vibes, or perhaps the respectful way in which we approached spirit communications. Regardless, we ended up getting stunning evidence on virtually every outing. Even professional paranormal groups wondered how we did it. Then when I had the idea of posting one of our more frightening videos on YouTube, it went viral with tens of thousands of views in mere days. It wasn't just the content that attracted viewers, but the dynamic of the family who ghost hunts.

Back when we decided to launch the web-series, you could count the number of paranormal web-series on one hand. I still remember friends and colleagues who would state that it was like having a fourth paranormal show to watch after Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and Paranormal State.

We then traveled to St. Augustine where we were trained by the late Dr. Harry Stafford who was a legend in the field. Even he was shocked at how easily we were able to get spirits to communicate.

We ended up traversing up and down the east coast to some of the most haunted locations we could find. Some famous, but most were little-known hot spots that garnered some of our most famous evidence including full body apparitions and EVP, so clear, that it would give a lay-person insomnia for a week... or more.

The show was eventually picked up by networks and large video platforms. We were getting invites to television game shows and castle investigations in Europe as we had developed a huge fan base in the UK.

We were rolling along until we experienced some negative attachments which derailed us for a few years. It was at that time I floated the idea to our fan base if they would like me to write a book on the paranormal and the behind-the-scenes perspective of our investigations and web-series episodes. The response was an overwhelming yes. So I wrote and published FAMILY SPIRITS: The Adventures and Evidence of Gallo Family Ghost Hunters which hit #3 on Amazon in the Adventure/Travel Category.

During this hiatus, the paranormal field exploded. There are now hundreds if not thousands of webseries on YouTube. So we decided to go back out into the field to film new content and gather more evidence. It was at a paracon where some of our fans requested a second book. This made me think. Many of these newer web-series didn't seem to be focused on the larger goal of proving the afterlife which was always our main objective. Rather, these content creators seemed to have only one goal in mind. Sensationalism and a quest to see how many clicks, views, and subs they could get.

With this in mind the central theme of FAMILY SPIRITS II: Purpose and the Paranormal was born. Our new evidence coupled with an all-star cast of luminaries in the paranormal field make up this dynamite sequel.

These days we are traveling and making appearances at paracons and signing our books all across the country. Investigating along the way. Currently, our primary goal is to validate our work over the past decade and share our evidence with countless paranormal fans world-wide. We would love to meet you!

Bobby J. Gallo

Gallo Family Ghost Hunters

Bobby J. Gallo has been interested in all things weird since a very young age. Bobby J. is a modern-day renaissance man, a world-class professional magician who has toured the country, performing for colleges, resorts, trade shows, and television audiences. He is also an avid ghost hunter, published author, speaker, networking leader, corporate trainer, web series producer, musician, and the creator of the International Conservatory of Magic, The world’s largest online school for magicians.

However, his most significant accomplishment has been raising his two incredibly talented ghost-hunting daughters, Nicky G. and Courtnee. In addition, he has been married to his wonderfully patient and beautiful wife Renee for almost three decades. They reside in Castello Gallo, a haunted Italianate brick castle in Roseto, Pennsylvania.

About Family Spirits (Book 1):

Family Spirits is an exciting and sometimes chilling look at the world of the paranormal captured through the eyes of a ghost-hunting family who started their adventure out of pure curiosity, but eventually became experts at contacting the dead.

Using state-of-the-art technology as well as old-school dowsing methods, G.F.G.H has garnered acclaim from around the world for their stunning evidence, as well as their award-winning web series... This is a book every lover (and skeptic) of the supernatural should read.

Foreword by world-renowned author and paranormal researcher, Fiona Broome

About Family Spirits II (Book 2):

The paranormal field has exploded with a fervor more intense than ever before. Thousands of intrepid ghost hunters gather to invade haunted locations around the globe every day. But what is the grand purpose behind it all? What are they truly seeking? Is it Fame? Fortune? The sincere desire to help earthbound spirits? Or just plain curiosity and a spooky good time?

This book will answer those questions and more! ... Keen insight into what is REALLY going on in the paranormal today along with analysis of today's cutting-edge technology... Is it reliable? Or is it promoting fraudulent evidence?

Also, exclusive interviews with an all-star cast of the most notable, knowledgeable, and credible luminaries in the paranormal field. Plus, the continuing Ghost Story of Renee, Nicky G., Courtnee, and Bobby J. The Gallo Family Ghost Hunters, Along with their latest investigations and mind-blowing evidence. If you enjoyed the first FAMILY SPIRITS book like thousands of other paranormal fans worldwide, you will love this sequel!

Find Bobby on Linktree, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook or call (803)366-1199 or email

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