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Paranormal Research Team SPIRIT was the Cover Story Feature of the 10/22 NW&I edition

This issue marks the first of many instances of a researcher being featured on the cover of American Paranormal Magazine

Birmingham, Alabama, United States., October 3, 2022 American Paranormal Magazine Feature Announcement and News

Paranormal researchers, Terri Wilson and SPIRIT, were the Cover Story Feature of the October Nationwide & International edition of American Paranormal Magazine,

"SPIRIT Alabama was founded in 2019 by Terri Wilson with support from Big Daddy and Father K. Stone after discovering that previous teams failed to meet their standards for evidence gathering and investigation. In order to focus solely on paranormal phenomena analysis, Terri formed her own team and recruited like-minded individuals. The acronym SPIRIT stands for Scientific Paranormal Inspection Research Investigation Team. Through her investigative work on more than 25 unique cases across multiple states, Terri has left clients in awe.

SPIRIT is committed to respecting all spiritualties, religions, and belief systems, believing that a healthy relationship with clients depends on respect for the deceased. Due to their location in Alabama, they understand the stigma associated with this work and are willing to provide complete discretion."

American Paranormal Magazine (APM) is the premier paranormal magazine focusing on the Americas, featuring the paranormal podcasters, investigators, artists, and authors in the Western Hemisphere and beyond. American Paranormal Magazine features both the top up-and-coming and most accomplished individuals and teams in the paranormal investigative field, offering an in-depth look at their work, lives, and goals.

To be considered for a feature, all candidates must go through a nomination and interview process and are evaluated based upon their industry and community involvement. It is considered a privilege to be nominated, as it speaks to the nominee's experience in the paranormal field and their commitment to adding value to the community. APM intends to set itself apart as a trusted source of paranormal information and inspiration. SPIRIT is a stellar example of the kind of paranormal enthusiasts and researchers that APM is proud to feature in American Paranormal Magazine.

Information on nominations and receiving this recognition can be found online at:

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