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Paranormal Postcard: Adamsville, Alabama

Welcome to 'Paranormal Postcards,' where we dig into the chilling tales and supernatural mysteries lurking within the towns and cities we know and love or want to visit.

Be warned; this is not your typical travel guide. Here, we explore the unknown, the unexplained, and the eerie, seeking answers to questions that push the boundaries of our understanding.

So pack your curiosity and brace yourself for this week's adventure into the realms of the supernatural in Adamsville, Alabama, a charming town with a rich history, known not only for its warm hospitality but also for the soul-stirring ghost stories that have been passed around like influenza!

Ghostly Encounters at Bottenfield Middle School

bottenfield school

Nestled within the charming town of Adamsville, Alabama, lies a place where ghostly encounters have left both students and staff with a sense of awe and mystery. Bottenfield Middle School, with its long history, has become a hotbed for supernatural tales, and one particular story stands out: the legend of the young man's ghost.

The Haunting: Reports of a ghostly presence around the band and choir wings of the school have intrigued the local community for years. Witnesses claim to have seen the apparition of a young man, whose identity remains a mystery. The spectral figure appears at various hours of the day and night, leaving those who encounter him with chills down their spines.

Speculations and Investigations: Despite the frequent sightings, little is known about the history of the ghostly young man. Researchers and paranormal investigators have taken an interest in the school, aiming to uncover the identity of this elusive spirit. As investigations continue, the legend of the Bottenfield Middle School ghost only grows stronger, captivating the imaginations of both believers and skeptics alike.


  • Bottenfield Middle School in Adamsville, AL, is known for its ghostly encounters.

  • Witnesses report seeing the ghost of a young man, often in the band and choir wings.

  • The ghost appears at various hours, adding to the mystery.

  • The identity of the young man remains unknown, fueling speculations.

  • Ongoing research and investigations seek to unveil the truth behind this haunting legend.

How to Get There: Bottenfield Middle School is located at 400 Hillcrest Road. To visit and explore this allegedly haunted location, you can take Highway 78 and turn onto Forestdale Blvd. The school is easily accessible and welcomes visitors interested in its history.

Haunted Grounds of Indian Meadows

Indian  Meadows Haunted Alabama

In the quaint community of Adamsville, Alabama, lies Indian Meadows, a neighborhood shrouded in eerie tales and mysterious happenings. The roots of this haunting legend can be traced back to a chilling history, as the area was built over an ancient Cherokee burial ground, giving rise to ghostly encounters that continue to bewilder residents.

Ghostly Apparitions and Unsettling Experiences: Indian Meadows has become synonymous with reports of dark, shadowy figures lurking in the woods and outskirts of the neighborhood. Those who walk the streets at night often claim to hear phantom footsteps or feel an unsettling presence following them. Residents have recounted spine-tingling experiences, such as hearing unexplained scratching sounds outside their homes, coupled with sightings of claw marks without a discernible source.

Paranormal Phenomena and Haunted Houses: The haunting extends to electrical equipment that seemingly turns on and off by itself, perplexing those who witness the bizarre occurrences. Nighttime in Indian Meadows reveals more, with shadow people making their presence known. Many houses in the area are reportedly haunted, with doors slamming, mysterious footsteps echoing through the halls, and disembodied voices sending shivers down residents' spines.

Ongoing Investigations: The enigmatic happenings in Indian Meadows have piqued the interest of both local enthusiasts and seasoned paranormal investigators. As researchers delve deeper into the history of the Cherokee burial ground and the paranormal occurrences, the legend of Indian Meadows grows, firmly establishing itself as a hotspot for ghostly activities.


  • Indian Meadows in Adamsville, AL, is built over an ancient Cherokee burial ground.

  • Residents report sightings of dark, shadowy figures and hearing unexplained footsteps.

  • Scratching sounds and claw mark sightings add to the haunting atmosphere.

  • Electrical equipment sometimes behaves erratically, further fueling the mystery.

  • Shadow people and haunted houses contribute to the chilling experiences in the area.

How to Get There: Indian Meadows is located off Burgundy Drive, which bisects the communities of Shady Grove and Indian Meadows, and is believed to be the hub of haunted activity in both communities. To explore the haunted grounds and delve into the chilling legends, take Hwy 78 and turn onto Midway Rd. The community welcomes visitors who dare to uncover the mysteries hidden within its eerie history.

See you back here next week!

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