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Paranormal Postcard: Chugiak, Alaska

Welcome to 'Paranormal Postcards,' where we dig into the chilling tales and supernatural mysteries lurking within the towns and cities we know and love or want to visit.

Be warned; this is not your typical travel guide. Here, we explore the unknown, the unexplained, and the eerie, seeking answers to questions that push the boundaries of our understanding.

This week, we venture into the remote wilderness of Chugiak, Alaska, to explore the enigmatic Badarka Road. This secluded stretch of land holds a haunting legend that will send shivers down your spine.

The Haunting of Badarka Road, Chugiak, Alaska

According to local legend, Badarka Road

The Tragic Tale: According to local legend, Badarka Road carries a sorrowful past. It is said that a little girl and her father once ventured into the woods to chop firewood. Tragically, an accident occurred, and the little girl was struck in the head with her father's ax, leading to her untimely demise. Heartbroken by the loss of his daughter, the grief-stricken father remained by her side for days, ultimately succumbing to the harsh Alaskan elements and hypothermia.

Apparitions and Grief-Stricken Spirits: Visitors to Badarka Road have reported eerie encounters with supernatural entities. Many claim to have witnessed the sorrowful father holding his departed daughter's spirit, forever bound to the spot where the tragic incident occurred. As the chilling wind whispers through the trees, it serves as a reminder of the haunting legacy left behind by the grieving father and his beloved child.


  • Badarka Road in Chugiak, Alaska, holds a haunting legend of a little girl and her father's tragic fate.

  • The girl's accidental death and her father's grief-stricken demise form the basis of the chilling tale.

  • Witnesses have claimed to see the father holding his daughter's spirit on the haunted road.

How to Get There: To experience the eerie ambiance of Badarka Road, make your way to Chugiak, Alaska. Take Glenn Hwy and take Birchwood Loop to South Birchwood, leading you to this remote and haunting stretch of road. As you immerse yourself in this chilling legend, be prepared to be captivated by the mysteries that surround it.

Spirits at the Birchwood Saloon, Chugiak, Alaska

Spirits at the Birchwood Saloon, Chugiak, Alaska

We continue our journey through the supernatural tales of Chugiak, Alaska. Nestled within the rugged landscape is the Birchwood Saloon, a historic establishment known for more than just its rustic charm and welcoming atmosphere. Here, patrons and employees have shared spine-chilling experiences that hint at a haunting presence within its walls.

Disembodied Voices and Mysterious Jukebox: Visitors to the Birchwood Saloon have reported strange occurrences, including hearing disembodied voices when no one else is around. The jukebox sometimes springs to life on its own, playing haunting melodies that add to the eerie ambiance. These unexplained phenomena have left many questioning whether unseen spirits roam the premises.

Apparitions and Missing Items: Adding to the mystique of the Birchwood Saloon are reports of ghostly apparitions that manifest before startled witnesses. Patrons and staff alike have witnessed ethereal figures moving through the bar area, leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter them. Additionally, items have been known to mysteriously vanish or relocate without explanation, further fueling the belief in otherworldly entities at play.

The Spirit of a Tragic Event: The haunting history of the Birchwood Saloon is linked to a tragic event nearby. The untimely death of a young man, electrocuted in the vicinity, has led some to believe that his spirit lingers within the bar's walls. Could he be the source of the unexplained phenomena that continues to baffle and intrigue those who visit this historic establishment?


  • The Birchwood Saloon in Chugiak, Alaska, is known for its supernatural occurrences.

  • Disembodied voices and a mysterious jukebox contribute to the eerie ambiance.

  • Ghostly apparitions have been witnessed by patrons and employees.

  • Items sometimes vanish or move on their own within the bar.

  • The spirit of a young man who died nearby is believed to haunt the Birchwood Saloon.

How to Get There: 20146 Pilots Rd, Chugiak, AK 99567

To experience the ghostly ambiance of the Birchwood Saloon, venture into Chugiak, Alaska. Take Glenn Hwy and turn onto Pilots Road, leading you to this historic bar. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, the Birchwood Saloon promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of Alaska's supernatural mysteries. Tell them American Paranormal Press sent you!

See you back here next week...

Paranormal Postcards

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