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Premier Paranormal Researchers Paranormal of Watertown

Founded in 2018, Paranormal of Watertown started off with three people and some basic equipment. In 2019, the team expanded to include a full team of investigators. In their mission, they visit the most haunted sites in the eastern United States and share their findings with the public. By better understanding the spirit world and how it interacts with the physical world, the team seeks to gain a deeper understanding of reality.

In and around its hometown, Paranormal of Watertown has investigated a wide range of locations, from the local historical museum to the Rhode Island farmhouse (Conjuring House) and numerous other places in between. It is their goal to bring to the community real, unedited, and unscripted evidence captured at these sites.

The team's investigations have included some of the most historically significant haunted sites in American history, particularly in New York.

Wildwood Sanitarium (left)

A Sanitarium built in 1906 after being purchased by two doctors who met at an Osteopathic College, Wildwood remained in operation until 1923 when it was converted into a desperately-needed tuberculosis clinic. The location was used for holistic natural healing and used "modern" therapies such as UV light, electric battery baths, and bone stretching to name a few. After it closed as a Sanitarium, the large property became a multiple family dwelling, with reports today that some of its prior patients never really left. Voices, knocks, EVP's, and even shadow figures have been documented by many paranormal teams

Hinsdale House (page 30)

It is said by many to be the most haunted house (and land) in New York. Phil and Clara Dandy lived in the house with their children in the early 1970s, and during that time, the Dandy family was plagued by paranormal activity. St. Bonaventure University priest Father Alphonsus was called to perform an exorcism on the house that eventually failed, and the family had to leave forever. Today, many paranormal teams report hearing voices, being touched, scratched, as well as hearing EVP's and countless other reports of unexplained activity.

Graestone Manor (page 30)

The Graestone Manor property dates back to 1833, but the manor itself was built in 1850. For generations, the Root family made their fortune in horse breeding and selling. Several people had died within the manor itself, leading to an abundance of reports of paranormal activity. Disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, EVPs, and even poltergeist activity have been documented at the manor, suggesting a portal exists in the basement.


Paddock Mansion

Palmyra General Store

Rolling Hills Asylum

Fort Ontario

Leray Mansion

Hinsdale House

Conjuring house

Burn Brae Mansion

Wayne County Jailhouse

Hill View Manor

Bergen House

Wilson Castle

Graestone Manor

Wildwood Sanitarium

Van Horn Mansion

Middletown Psychiatric Center

Iron Island Museum

Fainting Goat Island Inn

Pennhurst Asylum

White Hill Mansion

Casey Cottage

Genesee Falls Inn

Thompson Park Vortex

Starr Clark Tin shop

Split Rock Quarry

Bundy House


Knox Mansion

Letchworth Village

Chase Manor

Allegiance Bed and Breakfast

A co-founder of Paranormal of Watertown, Dan Davis always had a fascination with the paranormal, having watched popular supernatural-themed shows growing up, to experiencing the unexplained first-hand in his own home. When he was a young man, he conducted some paranormal investigations in his home with basic equipment and an understanding of the subject. Dan has taken his experiences and what he has learned over the years to help create this amazing team of investigators who share his passion for answers.

The group's co-founder, Derek Shoemaker, loved the supernatural as a child. After watching shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, he became a believer in the unknown. Ghost Adventures piqued his interest more as an adult, particularly the investigations at creepy locations. Derek, Dan, and Amanda used Dan's experience to reach someone who had passed away after a tragic accident in 2018. This quickly became Derek's obsession. Derek is responsible for evidence review, video production, and Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Stanley Loomis did not become a full-fledged member until 2021 though he had been involved in a few investigations prior to that. While he is relatively new to the paranormal field, he has made a great contribution to the group. He has been a friend of the group for some time and became interested after hearing about their evidence and findings, and he shared the team's interest in finding answers to paranormal phenomena. Now he is a permanent member of the Paranormal of Watertown team.

The wife of Derek Shoemaker and the sister of Dan Davis Jr., Amanda Shoemaker took an interest in the paranormal as a result of the experiences she had as a child in her own home. Upon Dan and Derek's formation of the group, she thought it was a perfect opportunity to expand her paranormal knowledge and experiences. Her experiences with this group have been some of the most terrifying she has ever experienced and some of the most rewarding.

Since she can remember, Alyssa Leroux has been fascinated by the paranormal. Her aunt owned a very haunted home, and Alyssa learned there must be more to life than meets the eye. Ever since 2017, she has been investigating alongside Jessica Brown. After meeting Derek and bonding with him over their experiences, she joined him for an investigation at Leray Mansion and has been hooked ever since.

When she was a young girl, Kristie Towles became fascinated with the paranormal. She grew up in a haunted house, and even as an adult, the house she lived in was paranormally active. The moment she learned that Derek and Dan were investigating the paranormal, she requested that they investigate her own home. When presented with the evidence, she was hooked and became an active member of the group. She brings to the team her paranormal sensitivity and photography skills.

Jessica Brown has been sensitive to the paranormal since she was a little girl, and has been investigating the paranormal since the year 2017. She was officially welcomed to Paranormal of Watertown in 2019 after finding a common interest with her co-worker Derek. A few of her favorite places to investigate are asylums, prisons, and anything with a rich historical background. She is another essential member of this team who contributes to its success.

Brad Hartman is a disabled veteran of the United States army, a demonologist, a Knight of Pythias, and a Laird of Dunans. Since a chance encounter at his grandparents' house when he was 5, he has always been fascinated by the paranormal. Following an invitation to the Conjuring house for his first investigation, he joined the team on December 28th, 2019. Derek and he had met when they worked at the same company. Since then, he has been an integral member of the group.

Co-founder - Dan Davis, Jr.

Co-founder - Derek Shoemaker

Investigator - Amanda Shoemaker

Investigator/Photographer - Kristie Towles

Investigator - Jessica Brown

Investigator - Alyssa Leroux

Investigator - Brad Hartman

Investigator - Stanley Loomis

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok

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