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Premier Paranormal Researchers Paranormal Hunting and Observation Group (P.H.O.G.)

Paranormal Hunting and Observation Group (PHOG) is a nonprofit paranormal investigative organization located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

Armed with an expert level of knowledge in a wide variety of paranormal subjects, the team at P.H.O.G. is passionate about sharing their collective experience and skill with the community. Via lecturing, guest speaking, podcast appearances, and social media platforms, the group is available to share their distinct brand of guidance and understanding concerning the unexplained and supernatural phenomena, in general.

Something of magic, Angel's serendipitous encounter with a tarot reader would foretell her meeting José, and it was soon apparent that their relationship was predestined for greatness.

The two, along with friends and family, Andrina, Ashley, Andrew, Casey, and Tim form P.H.O.G., with a mission to change the world through community outreach.

P.H.O.G. works with people of other faiths while following their calling to help people with many forms of spiritual work including things like house cleansing, helping the deceased cross over, and investigations into cryptids or UFOs.

The team's work relies on its faith while also incorporating its members' individual ancestral gifts, namely José's Shamanistic family heritage, Tim's European/Native American lineage (who's great grandmother practiced palmistry), and Angel's Italian family's intuition.

The group is extending its outreach as the need grows within their own community and surrounding areas, but also online.

Angel and José are now making preparations to provide formal lectures and presentations to the public, on paranormal and supernatural topics, in the coming year.

"We're a collective counsel of likeminded people who have reverence for the people on the other side, the unknown, the creatures, and all the marvels that God put here on this planet."

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