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Paranormal Author Keith Evans Featured in October 2022 Issue of American Paranormal Magazine

Author Keith O. Evans been featured in the October 2022 Nationwide & International edition of American Paranormal Magazine.

APALACHICOLA, Fla. - Oct. 17, 2022 - PRLog -- Paranormal Author Keith Evans of Florida had his profile published in the October 2022 Nationwide & International edition of American Paranormal Magazine (APM).

"My first memories of the Paranormal was as a four-year-old empath, who was feeling the joy that the decorative wooden Wainscoting had brought passed relatives. I did not understand why the rest of my family could not appreciate the thoughts and feelings, that the glossy wooden grain seemed to be sharing with me. I learn as a child, that it was best to keep my thoughts, feeling, and discoveries about the Paranormal to myself. I know of few individuals, young or old, that could appreciate the Paranormal, the way that I appreciated the Paranormal. As a child, teenager, and young adult, I carried out primitive Paranormal Research by myself, without telling anyone. I was in fear of the harsh criticism that always met me when I showed any interest in the Paranormal. In the neighborhood that I lived in, no one believed in Ghosts and or Spirits, and they felt that anyone who did was crazy..."

Read the full article in the October issue at

To be considered for a feature in APM, all candidates must go through a nomination and interview process. All candidates are evaluated based upon their industry and community involvement. It is considered a privilege to be nominated, as it speaks to the nominee's experience in the paranormal field and their commitment to adding value to the community. The publication intends to set itself apart as a trusted source of paranormal information and inspiration. Keith is a stellar example of the kind of paranormal enthusiasts and researchers the magazine is proud to feature.

Information on nominations and receiving this recognition can be found online at:

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