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Premier Paranormal Researcher Author Eleanor Wagner

Wife, teacher's aide, and mother, with four highly-rated books under her belt, Eleanor Wagner is something of a paranormal Renaissance woman. The author has also managed to gather a team of psychically-gifted people to form a talented paranormal investigative group, The Lady Ghostbusters, and has even branched out into podcasting, her show taking off both domestically and overseas.

“I really like to go with my gut...that little voice inside my head that tells me to do something, and it's never failed me.”

Once her children were grown, she began devoting her life to a more paranormal career which is blossoming like a well-tended garden.

Her interest in, and experience with, paranormal subjects began at an early age. Having grown up in a haunted home and experienced premonitions as a child, Eleanor is no stranger to the unknown and unexplained. She once even owned and occupied a haunted shop!

Formally educated in writing children's books, Eleanor applies the principles she learned there to her true subject and passion - all things paranormal.

She sat on a completed paranormal romance novel, her first book, for years until a connection with an old friend, a published author, prompted her to submit that book for publishing. She hasn't looked back. More books were to follow, gaining herself quite a following! Eleanor is happy to share her own experiences and eager to hear the experiences of others.

She appeared in a November 2020 episode of the Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught on Camera, having been interviewed the month prior by Paranormal U.K. Radio Show. Less than a year later, Eleanor Wagner's Strange and Scary World podcast was released on the Paranormal U.K. Radio Network.

Lady Ghostbusters

"We got this great footage on camera... and they [Paranormal Caught on Camera] did a feature on us in one of their episodes."

Founded by Eleanor Wagner in 2019, The Lady Ghostbusters soon caught the attention of the wildly popular television show Paranormal Caught on Camera, which airs on the Travel Channel.

The team, comprised of both female and male ghost hunters, captured a seemingly intelligent mist while conducting an investigation at Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, New Jersey.

Eleanor attributes their successful investigations to the collective gifts of the group members, each sensitive or psychically attuned in their own special way.

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