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Premier Paranormal Researcher John John and Dark Explorers Paranormal

2022 OWLY Paranormal Researcher of the Year

The paranormal history of Texas has been shaped by many legends that you may already be familiar with. As one might expect, wandering spirits abound in a vast state like Texas. The specters of defunct hospitals, active schools, lonely highways, and thriving hotels have been reported haunting all parts of the country, from the barren deserts of the west to the thick woodlands of the east. There are plenty of hauntings in Texas, regardless of whether you believe in the afterlife or not. It's sometimes just a matter of looking over your shoulder.

Paranormal Researcher and Photographer John "JohnJohn" Montelongo, who recently won American Paranormal Magazine's OWLY - Paranormal Researcher of the Year Award - is based in Little River, Texas in Central Texas. JohnJohn and his team, Dark Explorers Paranormal, are on-call specialists in some of the darkest cases in the Lone Star state. When other teams shy away from malevolent entities and possible demonic infestations, the Dark Explorers Paranormal Team jump into action. They travel the state when necessary to assist in bringing peace and closure to their clients, always making confidentiality a top priority.

JohnJohn documents their cases through the lens of an artist, capturing the story in stills, and most often in black and white. This contrast is perhaps best suited to the often turbulent nature of the work and represents the opposing forces frequently at hand. Additionally, John chases and photographs severe weather in Texas and the surrounding states for Southcentral Storm Chasers.

Check out JohnJohn and the Dark Explorers' meaningful, spiritual work and striking photography projects by visiting them on social media:

Facebook @Darkexplorer and @johnjohn.montelongo

YouTube @spookiboiparanormal3590

Instagram @johnjohnphotos33

Twitter @johnjohnphotos

TikTok @spookiboi33

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