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Hunting The Loup Garou

Artwork by Adam Sacco

Also known as the Rougarou, a Loup Garou is generally believed to be a person who can change into animal form, most often as a wolf. But not always. It may also take the form of a calf or small ox, a pig, a cat or even an owl.

In French Canadian folklore, the tale of the Loup-Garou is tied to Catholic morality. A religious failing was often linked to the Loup-Garou curse. Some Cajun stories tell of it craving Catholic blood. For those who don’t follow the rules of Lent, the beast will hunt them down. Once you have been attacked by the Loup Garou, the curse is yours if it draws your blood. This is said to be the cure for cursed, and is why the beast is often no stranger to its victim.

The Loup Garou is likely someone you know who has either chosen you to bear the curse out of some sort of vendetta or due, more simply, to convenience; It knows where and how to easily access you.

Should you find yourself, your property, your family stalked by a suspected LG, first investigate those closest to you. Unfortunately, it difficult to distinguish a were-creature such as the Loup Garou from other entities such as shape-shifters, but you can begin to rule folks out by studying the locals. It's a start.

The Loup Garou of the Southern United States are said to be the most intelligent of any and all were-creatures. It's been speculated that the beast plans their attacks while in their normal, human form, and then carries the plan out after their transformation. This makes it particularly heinous and premeditated. Your once dependable friend may become desperately calculating to rid him/herself of the curse. You cannot trust anyone.

To complicate matters even more so, the Loup Garou can temporarily transform itself into an inanimate object, at will. Tales from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi involve the creature turning itself into rope, furniture, and even a windchime. This is all in an effort to carry out their plan to pass along the curse and resume their normal life. However, it's been speculated that some begin to enjoy the curse and wish to remain a Loup Garou, spending its nights torturing people.

That's right, every night is a night of transformation. Unlike other werewolves and were-creatures, the Loup Garou takes on its beast-form every single night. Thankfully, or hopefully, the curse may end after 101 days.



One way to become a Rougarou is to fail to keep Lent for seven years in a row.

This implies that in order to become one without being attacked or infected by another, you must first be Catholic.

Furthermore, this form of the curse is possibly incurable.


Another way to become cursed to live as a Loup Garou, in absence of the transference from another cursed creature, would be a direct curse from a powerful witch.

This comes with the hope, however, of being able to rid yourself of the curse if you can muster up the cunning to pass it along to another by drawing their blood.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Travelling to LOUSIANA:

The Louisiana Loup Garou lights

The Loup Garou Lights are said to be huge gaseous spheres, or bright yellow or green orbs of light containing a monstrous face within them. These are thought to parallel the appearance of the Black Loup Garou, a giant shadow beast seen on Hwy 1 headed to Grande Isle.

Pearl River Proboscis Loup Garou

Those who live along the Mississippi and Louisiana border near the Pearl River area are well-acquainted with a particular type of LG species that does not have the expected snout of a dog or a human-like mouth but instead has the proboscis of a female mosquito.

Thirteen Pennies

A common protection method against a loup-garou is to place 13 pennies on a doorstep or windowsill. The idea is that if the creature tried to break in, it would become confused while trying to count the pennies. Apparently, the monster is unaware of the number 13 and will continuously try to count the pennies until it has to flee just before sunrise.

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