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Highlights From An Interview with a Black Magician

December 30, 2021 - interviewed by Kim Eaton

The interviewee's name has been omitted to protect their identity.

Tell me what drew you to this spiritual path.

It first dawned on me when I was a teenager, about 17 or so. I know now that what I was looking for was a feeling of personal empowerment but back then I thought I was just going with my gut, like maybe it was a calling. Anyway, it's been a ride. I'm still here 10 years later with no real regrets, so it wasn't just a phase.

Explain for our readers how you define "Black Magic".

What makes it black (in my case) is how selfish it seems to be, basically. I don't even mess around with #curses. I use #magic to improve my own life, and I mind my business. My spells are mostly focused on things like material gain, but also I incorporate rituals into my life to raise my awareness. It differs from white magic or other types of magic for me because I don't draw a line when it comes to working with deities. I don't prefer #angels to #demons, they all have their strengths and I work with both, which is a no-no in the belief system of many others. I have friends who think I'm playing a dangerous game, but they respect my decisions and my spiritual lifestyle. Things started a bit dark, I admit. I once killed a mouse from the pet store to mix its blood with some ink to write a sort of contract. It worked, but I still feel like shit about it.

How do those closest to you feel about your non-conventional spiritual beliefs?

I left home early and am not all that close to my parents. I felt very isolated growing up and didn't feel any really strong family ties, so they don't know me well enough to have an opinion. My siblings are in the dark about it, also. Honestly, they would disapprove. Which is why I'd like to remain anonymous. I'm not looking for they're approval either, but the less they know, the better. My friends are the direct opposite. Some share my beliefs and those who don't are still supportive. Or maybe they're afraid I'll hex them. I'm joking! I'm just lucky to have surrounded myself with people who care about me no matter what.

Are there any perils to practicing "Black Magic".

Oh, sure, yep. Like threats to your personal life - I consider those perils. It's something you want to be pretty secretive about, and so you constantly feel on guard. People will wish you harm because they believe it's them versus you. I have to make sure my employer doesn't get any weird ideas so I can't let co-workers know. I'm the only person I know who is even okay with the label of Black Magician, not to be edgy, just because I'm being honest with myself. And I totally believe that there are people out there trying to hex their "rivals". I know first hand that spells work, so I have to protect myself from being the victim of someone else's work. Another important thing to know is that you absolutely need to approach any entities you're going to work with with purity. I don't mean virginity or anything like that, but I mean be truthful with yourself about the goal, or it could backfire real bad. Especially with the #Goetic spirits [demons].

Do you feel that the internet, particularly social media, influenced your decision to study occult and sorcery topics?

I think it helped me learn more, faster, for sure. I do feel that I was going to be who I am today, regardless. My path was part predestiny and part decision. I started reading about things like sorcery really young, so it was back in the day before Facebook was so popular. But I'm glad to have all the online groups that we have now. There's a ton of support out there, a lot of learning opportunities, and a lot of bad advice, too.

What advice would you give 17-year-old you, in regards to your spiritual practice?.

Oh man, that's a good question. I've actually thought about this at times. I spent a lot of time worrying about stupid things that I could have spent on my spiritual growth. I'd tell her to ignore all the gate-keeping, and don't let some dude with eyeliner demean you, like he's a more gifted practitioner of #magick. People are constantly going to try to trick you into thinking they're more powerful than you, and it's utter bullshit. This is not a competition.

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