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Free Paranormal Investigators in Virginia

Updated: Sep 3

haunted virginia

Haunted Virginia Paranormal Investigators

HVPI is committed to providing a professional and ethical service to its clients. The team always obtains permission from property owners before conducting investigations, and they never sensationalize or exploit their clients' experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about Haunted Virginia Paranormal Investigations, or if you would like to schedule an investigation, please visit their website or contact them via email.

Resting In Peace

A team of 7 paranormal investigators based in Virginia are committed to researching the paranormal and helping spirits, if requested or wanted. The team currently consists of one psychic medium, one lead investigator, and five other investigators. They investigate up and down the East Coast, using a variety of methods to gather evidence of the paranormal, including photography, videography, and electronic voice phenomena (EVP). The team also offers a variety of services to help spirits, such as providing closure to families of the deceased, documenting spirit activity, and helping spirits cross over.

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