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Free Paranormal Investigators in Tennessee

Updated: Sep 3

RKB Paranormal

Officially founded in 2020, RKB Paranormal is a paranormal investigation and research team based in Tennessee. It is the mission of the group to provide concrete proof that there is an afterlife, and to provide assistance on a case-by-case basis to others. Their investigative and research services are free of charge to the public.

K2 Paranormal Research

Based out of Middle Tennessee, K2 Paranormal Research (K2PN) goes wherever our funding will allow to observe, gather, document, and analyze data on paranormal activity. K2PN does NOT charge a fee for our assistance or investigations; we are not-for-profit group (non-profit). We only ask that you refer your friends and family to us who may benefit from our services.

KenTenn Paranormal

We are an experienced paranormal investigation team based in Western Kentucky.

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Rutherford County Paranormal Investigation

Established in 1997, Rutherford County Paranormal & Ghosts of Tennessee is the longest running paranormal research team in the state. With a well respected team of seasoned paranormal researchers our team has extensive education, knowledge, and experience in the field.

Our team uses specialized scientific equipment to collect and document evidence to support claims of paranormal activity. We have the utmost respect for paranormal research, the locations we visit, and the spirits within RCPI & Ghosts of TN offers public ghost hunting events, Paranormal 101 classes, and more to educate the public on the paranormal.

The Black Wolf Paranormal

The Black Wolf Paranormal is a team of experienced paranormal investigators based in Gallatin, Tennessee. Founded in 2020, the team consists of five members: Todd and LeAnne Escue, Beth Allen, Zach Escue, and Haley Kaiser.

The Black Wolf Paranormal's mission is to support the preservation of historical locations by hosting public paranormal investigation events. These events are fundraisers to provide funds for repairs and upkeep to preserve these beautiful pieces of history. The team are members of the paranormal committee for Trousdale Place in Gallatin, Tennessee. Trousdale Place is a historic home in Sumner County, Tennessee.

The Black Wolf Paranormal is committed to providing professional and ethical paranormal investigations. They believe that the best way to understand the paranormal is through scientific investigation. They are always looking for new ways to improve their methods and to learn more about the unexplained.

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