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Free Paranormal Investigators in Pennsylvania

Updated: Sep 3

Unexplained Cases

Unexplained Cases is a paranormal documentary web series hosted on YouTube which aims to preserve history by documenting unexplained phenomena. If you have a story you would like documented or need assistance with paranormal activity, Unexplained Cases offers their services free of charge.

Jott-Nyx Paranormal

We are a paranormal research team out of Lancaster, PA. We provide Residential and Business Investigations and hold Private and Public Events at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, PA. We thrive on our honesty and our integrity. We have a large team with diverse backgrounds in the field and also personalities. We have been on Ghost Finders, Haunted Haldeman Mansion, Paraseekers-Samuel Miller Mansion, Paraflixx Project Paranormal and a book is being written with a story of Melissa's experience at a Haunted Nursing Home. We are well known in the paranormal community and our hometown community volunteering. We recently just started a Paranormal Make A Wish Program and a Junior Boo Crew Class.

Northern Appalachian Paranormal Society (NAPS)

The 15-members of the group each have their own, unique style of conducting a paranormal investigation, creating a well-rounded approach. Armed with essential tech like thermal imaging, Jay and the crew have been on many successful investigations.

NAPS Facebook Page

Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society

The Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society is a Pennsylvania based Paranormal Research team that investigates claims of paranormal activity.

Haps has over 15 years experience in the Paranormal field and we established this team to help people and families get answers to their Paranormal problems they are experiencing. Haps has all the latest paranormal equipment to get the job done and get you the answers you need. Haps cares about their clients and we will always be here for you and we will stay the course till the end.Rest assure Haps is Professional and totally discrete. Our travel is vast as we investigate residential and businesses all over the state of Pennsylvania and we are not limited to that travel. We have investigated homes as far North as Ohio and as far South as North Carolina if someone needs our help we will do our best to make it to that location.

Paranormal And Cryptozoology Investigation Society

We are the Paranormal and Cryptozoology Investigation Society. We were established in 2021 by founders Richard and Sherie. With over 16 years of investigation experience, we have decided to put together an investigation team to help those experiencing all forms of paranormal activity. We currently are located in South Eastern PA and service Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Oakmont Paranormal Society North

One of Pittsburgh's oldest paranormal investigation teams, with one of two Certified Demonologists in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, conducts a case-by-case review and interview to help bring peace to homes and businesses. They offer their services free of charge.

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