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Free Paranormal Investigators in Ontario

We are a paranormal research group based in Ottawa Ontario Canada. We conduct paranormal investigations using research, observation, and critical thinking, along with state of the art equipment. Our goal is to capture verifiable evidence and clarify misconceptions concerning the paranormal.

At G.H.O.S.T we strive to shed light on the paranormal with a professional approach, using proven investigative methods and keeping our integrity at the forefront of all our investigations. Our client's privacy and confidentiality is of great importance to us, paying close attention to their pre and post investigation needs.

The Ontario Paranormal Society

The Ontario Paranormal Society is a dedicated, team of paranormal investigators, each with unique skills, talents, and experience(s). We want to help you understand and deal with these strange occurrences happening around you. First & foremost, we seek to find any scientific and logical explanation for those events before we can, or will conclude Paranormal Activity.

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