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Free Paranormal Investigators in Norfolk, United Kingdom

We are a group of five friends, with a common interest in all things Paranormal.

We all have differing viewpoints on the Paranormal, from open-minded sceptic to believer, together we form an interesting team.

Our group is based in Norfolk, one of the most haunted counties in the United Kingdom, and this gives us a chance to explore some of the ghostly tales that abound here.

We enjoy nothing more, than a good investigation, and we take the opportunity to share our exploits with you all, via our YouTube Channel, Out There Paranormal TV. Of course, if you are experiencing anything unusual, and need some help, then we are more than happy to give advice, or if required, investigate your property, to put your mind at rest, and all of this will not cost you a penny.

We are not Ghost Hunters, we are Paranormal Investigators, and researchers, we gather evidence, study it carefully, and question everything we find.

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