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Free Paranormal Investigators in New Hampshire

The Other Side PRT

The Other Side Paranormal Research Team offers investigative services in the state of New Hampshire. Their team consists of Team Lead John Sprucinski, Team Sensitive Jessica Sprucinski, Team Historian Doug Soule, A/V Tech Brian Chabot, and Guest Researcher Angela Naro.

The Other Side PRT Facebook Page

SilentWhispers Paranormal Society

SilentWhispers Paranormal Society is a non-profit paranormal group, serving New Hampshire and surrounding states. We pride ourselves on gathering scientific data to prove or disprove a certain location is haunted. At no time will this group expect compensation for any investigation we choose to do.

Silent Whispers Paranormal Society will supply all equipment needed and used during our investigation. It is our teams goal to help those that might find themselves skeptic to the idea of ghosts, spirits and the paranormal. We may also help others to understand, "Anything is possible" if we only open our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to the unknown.

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