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Free Paranormal Investigators in Maryland

Updated: Oct 14

Paranormal And Cryptozoology Investigation Society

We are the Paranormal and Cryptozoology Investigation Society. We were established in 2021 by founders Richard and Sherie. With over 16 years of investigation experience, we have decided to put together an investigation team to help those experiencing all forms of paranormal activity. We currently are located in South Eastern PA and service Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Bill Heiland, residing in Dover, PA, is a skilled commercial printer with a profound interest in paranormal technology. With a commitment to rectifying common misconceptions and misapplications of paranormal tech in research, Bill strives to assist those genuinely seeking to comprehend their equipment. He aims to provide insight into its functionality, capabilities, and, importantly, its limitations—contrary to prevailing beliefs. While not a skeptic of the paranormal itself, Bill maintains a healthy skepticism towards the methodologies employed in gathering "paranormal evidence." He observes that many contemporary tech users lack a foundational understanding of the underlying scientific principles. Offering Paranormal Investigation Services across South Central PA, MD, NY, NJ, VA, and WV, Bill is dedicated to advancing the field with his expertise.

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