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Free Paranormal Investigators in Indiana

The Hoosiers Investigating New Ghosts Society (THINGS) is a paranormal investigation group based in New Haven, Indiana. We investigate reported claims of paranormal activity. Our mission is to help people who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and place of business. Our group is composed of believers, skeptics and open-minded skeptics, to gather and interpret information in response to claims using investigation techniques and equipment. We may employ the use of sensitives, but any psychic impressions gathered during an investigation will not be presented as evidence unless these impressions are verified via equipment and/or subsequent research. Unbiased information will be explained in a professional manner to those who have sought our input. THINGS is about people coming together for one cause to help provide proof of paranormal activity or to give a reasonable answer to our clients to help them feel safe. We here at THINGS look forward to helping you with any concerns you have concerning the paranormal field.

C1st Paranormal Midwest

C1st was founded on the vision that the Client will always come first. We exist to serve the needs of those in our regions dealing with paranormal problems. The mission is to always help the clients achieve a resolution.  Whether it's your home or business, you shouldn't feel afraid to be in your place. That's why our clients well being is of the most importance. We strive to make them feel comfortable in their homes or places of business once again.

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