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Free Paranormal Investigators in Colorado

Updated: 1 day ago

Is paranormal phenomena occurring around you? Need help? Get in touch with Meme's Hauntings - a team of highly capable paranormal investigators dedicated to finding answers and solutions. It does not matter if you think something is trivial or major; putting your worries at ease is our responsibility. We investigate and find answer and solutions to better know what happening in your home or business. Our services will help you determine whether if it's a paranormal occurrence or not. We are currently located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Anubis Paranormal Research Organization Eastern Colorado Division

Established in 1996 in Colorado, Anubis Paranormal Research Organization is now an international organization made up from teams around the world. The Eastern Colorado Division supports the Denver metro area as well as Southern Colorado. Anubis Paranormal Research Organization takes a scientific approach to all investigations and is ready to help anyone in need.

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