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Free Paranormal Investigators in Arizona


Friends of the Other Side aka FOTOS is a nice combination of both skeptics and believers with a heavy dose of paranormal experiences. While the team does use scientific equipment, they are proud to have members who are able to communicate and obtain information from the "Other Side". They compare and combine that information with data collected via the use of technical equipment in an attempt to understand holistically what causes paranormal phenomena. Their interests and curiosity take them beyond the spirit realms and into ufology, cryptozoology, paranormal phenomena, place memories, consciousness, metaphysics and other subjects. FOTOS services are free of charge.

Tucson Ghost Company

TGS is a nonprofit paranormal team that investigates residential homes and businesses. We have been investigating for 10 years and have helped over 150 clients. We believe in getting to the route of the problem and not calling everything paranormal. We pride ourselves on being a team that respects the property, people, and possible ghost we are interacting with.

ShadowForm Investigations

We are a family operated team with over 25 years experience in the paranormal field. We incorporate many different methods of investigating and are always extremely discreet and professional.

AZ Paranormal Investigation & Research Society

Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS) has been doing paranormal investigating for over 40 years. Engaging forensic techniques, historical records and the most innovative technology available.

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