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Premier Paranormal Researcher Fireside Paranormal Podcast

In 2008, Jordan made his debut as a broadcaster on a radio show and podcast that is devoted to supernatural subjects called Whispers Radio. On the show, he had the privilege of having conversations with some of the legends and leaders of the paranormal field, including Lorraine Warren, Ernie Hudson, Stanton Friedman, Mark Nesbitt, Frank Feschino Jr., Kathleen Marden, and many others who have pioneered the paranormal field. As part of Jordan's latest project, Fireside Paranormal Podcast, he and his wife Sarah, who is often his co-host, intend to take all those fascinating interviews and open the door to more personal stories from his listeners as well.

Everyone has a story to tell, he believes, and he is convinced that everyone has something to share given the right platform. Ultimately, Jordan's goal is to let those stories be heard in a welcoming environment such as his podcast. Though some may not “believe” in some of the topics explored on the show, the guests do and their passion makes each episode all the more interesting for listeners. Their perception of what they have seen or heard and how real it feels is what's significant. Fireside Paranormal highlights all sorts of unexplained encounters with the paranormal including Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, the Unknown, and beyond. Curiosity is the driving force behind this show. It is also why he loves to end the show with “Don’t be afraid. Only believe.”

Jordan covers a wide variety of topics every week with the help of his distinguished and engaging guests, with brand new shows being released every Monday. Jordan and the Fireside Paranormal Podcast came in a close second for American Paranormal Magazine's Investigator of the Year award for 2022, and his audience grows exponentially every month. The Fireside Paranormal Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms including ApplePodcast, Pandora, Audible, Google Podcast, Gaana, and iHeartRadio.

Join Jordan and the podcast's group on Facebook @Fireside Paranormal HUB or follow him on Instagram @jordancline84.

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