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Dublin Lake Monster

No one really knows what all lurks beneath the seemingly tranquil Dublin Lake, located in the picturesque town of #Dublin, New #Hampshire, but some insist an unfriendly cryptid calls this place home.

Two tales.

A skin #diver who went exploring the lake in the early 1980s emerges from the nearby woods after going missing for days, badly shaken and mumbling, mostly incoherently, but distinctly mentions "monsters". The diver happened upon some underwater caverns on the shelf floor and, while investigating them, discovered they housed pockets of rich oxygen. But he wasn't alone down there.

In another version, or as some speculate an entirely separate account, a scuba diver is sent down after a diving bell that is unable to reach the a cavernous void at the bottom of the lake. He doesn't resurface, but is discovered days later by hikers in the woods nearby. He's nude, and he's rambling on, also about "monsters".

Unfortunately, neither account yields a description of the #monster, and we're left to let our imaginations run wild. #Cryptozoologists can only speculate on what the creature may look like, and perhaps that is a good thing, since its appearance appears to drive its witnesses insane. Both tales end in a man being institutionalized by the trauma of the encounters.

Dublin Lake, or Dublin Pond as some refer to it, is a 240-acre body of water that's about 0.8 miles long and 0.6 miles wide at its widest point. At its deepest point, the water is 110 feet deep. It is mainly fed by springs. While ideal for diving and training divers, Dublin Lake has minimal plant life and fish. Is it really possible for a lake monster to thrive down there in this seemingly insufficient habitat?

The lack of description of the Dublin Lake Monster is probably the most #eerie characteristic of the story. This is virtually unprecedented in the history of any cryptid or monster sighting. It seems that witnesses often disagree about the appearance of a particular monster. Nevertheless, there cannot be too many, if any, for which no one has made any serious guesses. The legend of the Dublin Lake Monster lives on in spite of the complete lack of eyewitness testimony or descriptions. No one is crazy enough to go down there after it, and it does not come to the surface. We will just have to use our imaginations.

Those looking for #cryptids in New Hampshire but not keen on scuba diving the depths of Dublin Lake might find some comfort in knowing the Granite State is home to some other, land-dwelling creatures.

Take the Wood Devil, for instance, which is ultimately a skinny #sasquatch. They are very tall but remarkably slender. Perhaps related to the Hide Behinds of old, but not to be confused with the Devil Monkeys. Those large, dark primates have long been suspected to stomp around throughout the Appalachians, and seem particularly comfortable in the New Hampshire area as one had been spotted in Danville, NH by at least a dozen people including a peace officer back in 2001.

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