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Demonic Folklorist Victoria Jaye Published in the September issue of American Paranormal Magazine

Paranormal researcher, Victoria Jaye, had her work Is it a Demon: Advice From a Demonic Folklorist published in the September issue of American Paranormal Magazine.

"I received my Master’s from Utah State University in folklore in 2021 from writing my thesis on demonic phenomena. I created a classification system designed to organize things that could happen in the presence of the demonic. It’s called In the Presence of Evil: Demonic Perception Narratives” and is available through the USU Digital Commons...I’m currently writing about demons, folklore, and horror movies online as a guest contributor on other sites and on my own website, I can’t call myself a demonologist because I neither walk into those spaces with malicious entities nor do I investigate old languages/documents; I look at people’s experiences and give advice/information. I openly believe in the demonic as well as other types of spirits because of my experiences with them. Currently, I am psychic in that I am clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, geomantic, have a little bit of psychometry (from photographs), the tiniest edge of mind-reading, and mediumship. I want to clarify that not everyone who is interested in the paranormal has psychic abilities; this seems to be a connection most people assume when the supernatural is simply fascinating, which is the real draw to being an investigator/researcher. I just happen to be psychic, as well."

American Paranormal Magazine (APM) is the premier paranormal magazine focusing on the Americas, featuring the paranormal podcasters, investigators, artists, and authors in the Western Hemisphere and beyond. American Paranormal Magazine features both the top up-and-coming and most accomplished individuals and teams in the paranormal investigative field, offering an in-depth look at their work, lives, and goals.

To be considered for a feature in American Paranormal Magazine, all candidates must go through a nomination and interview process. All candidates are evaluated based upon their industry and community involvement. It is considered a privilege to be nominated, as it speaks to the nominee's experience in the paranormal field and their commitment to adding value to the community. APM intends to set itself apart as a trusted source of paranormal information and inspiration. Victoria is a stellar example of the kind of paranormal enthusiasts and researchers we are proud to feature in American Paranormal Magazine.

Information on nominations and receiving this recognition can be found online at:

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