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Canada's Meanest Entities

The Loup-Garou of Quebec

There had been #werewolf sightings in New France (now Saint-Pierre and Miquelon) during the 1600s, and it’s no stretch to imagine these beasts made their way inland. It’s speculated that werewolves, or at least one werewolf, sailed over from France on ships with the first French settlers. It’s documented that France had been battling what they believed were werewolves since the 1400s. During this period, many were tried, convicted, and ultimately burned at the stake.

The #Loup-Garou of #Quebec was publicly reported in The #Gazette in 1767 but the story went cold by the following year. Nowadays, stories of these #Dogmen, man-wolf #hybrids, are still circulating, especially in the areas surrounding waterways and lakes in distances between Montreal and Quebec and as far as New Brunswick. It’s no wonder there are many sightings since this particular strain of werewolf isn’t confined to morphing into its beast form during the full moon but is doomed to transform every single night.

The Adlets of Inuit Lore

These humanoid creatures are said to have a taste for human blood, and spend much of their time wandering the tundra, in hopes that they'll happen upon the opportunity to feast on human flesh. Our modern civilization was first introduced to these monsters via Inuit tales from Greenland, and while the #Dakelh tribe of British Columbia have their own version, it's not a far stretch to imagine that they're related given #Greenland's proximity to Canada. #Adlets have the legs and speed of a dog, and are said to be the spawn of an unholy dog-human union.

The Waheela of The Northlands

Shape-shifting mammalian creatures, the mysterious #Waheela reside in the largely unpopulated areas in #Canada's Northwest Territories. By default, the creatures appear to be some sort of wolf-bear hybrid with a thick coat suitable for its subarctic habitat. The Waheela are never seen in packs and move almost undetected except in rare instances when spotted by a human. Reports on the color of their fur have been mostly dark, but sometimes white.

In the Nahanni National Park Reserve, in the #Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories, lies Nahanni Valley also known as "#Headless Valley". It's best known for the the cryptically decapitated bodies that turn up there. Locals and researchers speculate that the Waheela may be responsible for the gruesome deaths over the years, as they are believed to possess a supernatural essence and strength.

The Ontario Woodlands Wendigo

Tales of this #malevolent spirit of #indigenous #folklore are wildly popular in the States. We love a good scary #cryptid story, but #Wendigo is not entertaining for those affected by the missing people believed to have been taken by this devil in the woods of #Ontario. Hundreds of people, of all ages and backgrounds, have vanished into thin air over just the past 40 years in the northern and central Ontario forest areas. Their remains are almost never recovered, leaving people to believe that their demises were not met at the hands of humans but rather something supernaturally evil, that which may not be working alone.

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