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Bobby J. Gallo Featured in the September 2022 Issue of American Paranormal Magazine

Paranormal author, Bobby J. Gallo, was featured in the September issue of American Paranormal Magazine.

"Bobby J. Gallo has been interested in all things weird since a very young age. Bobby J. is a modern-day renaissance man, a world-class professional magician who has toured the country, performing for colleges, resorts, trade shows, and television audiences. He is also an avid ghost hunter, published author, speaker, networking leader, corporate trainer, web series producer, musician, and the creator of the International Conservatory of Magic, The world’s largest online school for magicians.

However, his most significant accomplishment has been raising his two incredibly talented ghost-hunting daughters, Nicky G. and Courtnee. In addition, he has been married to his wonderfully patient and beautiful wife Renee for almost three decades. They reside in Castello Gallo, a haunted Italianate brick castle in Roseto, Pennsylvania."

American Paranormal Magazine (APM) is the premier paranormal magazine dedicated to the Americas, featuring the paranormal podcasters, investigators, artists, and authors in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America. American Paranormal Magazine features both the top up-and-coming and most accomplished individuals and teams in the paranormal investigative field, offering an in-depth look at their work, lives, and goals. To be considered for a feature in American Paranormal Magazine, all candidates must go through a nomination and interview process. All candidates are evaluated based upon their industry and community involvement. It is considered a privilege to be nominated, as it speaks to the nominee's experience in the paranormal field and their commitment to adding value to the community. APM intends to set itself apart as a trusted source of paranormal information and inspiration. Author Bobby J. Gallo is a stellar example of the kind of paranormal enthusiasts and researchers we are proud to feature in American Paranormal Magazine.

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