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Premier Paranormal Researchers Bluegrass Ghost Chasers

Based in Frankfort, the the capital city of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Bluegrass Ghost Chasers (aka BGGC) live up to their name and reputation by chasing ghosts in both the public and private arenas.

BGGC was founded in 2000 by Bobbie Hodges. Having an interest in what lies beyond and in things that go bump in the night since adolescence, she made it her mission in adulthood to help people who are experiencing events that cannot be explained to find peace of mind and closure. The team offers their assistance to the community free of charge, performing confidential investigations by request to those in need. They also enjoy doing research at high profile locations such as the infamously haunted Waverly Hills Sanitorium located in the great state of Kentucky.

Bluegrass Ghost Chasers offer paranormal investigations for private and commercial properties.

They respect your need for privacy and will not publish their findings or photographs revealing the location without your written consent. After a preliminary investigation and walk-through is completed, they will contact you with their findings to let you decide whether a full investigation is warranted. Upon completion of the investigation and review of all data, BGGC will schedule an appointment to discuss their findings via phone or in person. It is completely at the client's discretion. The team does not charge for any of their services but will accept donations

to help purchase new equipment.

(502) 545-2052


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