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Premier Paranormal Researcher Author Timothy Arnwine

A paranormal intellectual, Timothy Arnwine has authored the book Ghost Hunting...Getting Started, hosts his own podcast Long Hair Ghost Hunter, is a former member of War Party Paranormal and an esteemed member of Ghostly Experiences research team, and is recording an educational YouTube series based on his book.

For over 20 years, Tim has been an active ghost hunter. He never a grand experience, like a deceased relative standing by his bedside. As a retired paramedic who worked in Miami, he experienced others passing on several occasions. Tim remembered his basic science, that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred. He began to consider that there had to be more than putting someone in the ground.

Tim began his journey to look for answers. Tim never possessed the gift of a Medium or empath and approaches his investigations from a science driven process. In the beginning, he began with a compass, tape videos and recorders. Today, he uses the most up to date equipment which includes digital audio recorders, portals, spirit boxes, REM pods, Mel meters, Kinect cameras and FS/IR cameras and video recorders. Tim has led or been involved in hundreds of investigations which includes private residences, businesses, hotels, abandoned prisons and psych hospitals. Tim also conducts experiments with equipment and procedures in hopes of

contributing to the field of ghost hunting.

In 2020, Tim wrote his aforementioned book Ghost Hunting...Getting Started, and he lectures on the subject through Ghostly Experiences, Inc. The purpose of the book is to introduce readers to the field of ghost hunting and to advise veteran investigators of investigation procedures and equipment, based on his 20 plus years of experience. The book covers building teams, finding investigations, conducting investigations, and reviewing evidence. It delves into the most up to date methods and stresses the importance of conducting an honest investigation and presenting honest evidence to the client.

Tim is Co-Founder of Ghostly Experiences, Inc., based in the state of Florida. Tim will be launching a podcast entitled Long Hair host Hunter...The Podcast, geared towards educating and reviewing all aspects of the field of ghost hunting and researching, and he plans to author another book.

If you think you are experiencing any paranormal or you have any questions regarding ghost hunting, contact Tim at or visit

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