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American Paranormal Magazine New Alberta Canada Edition Set to Continue in February 2023


American Paranormal Magazine

Austin, Texas January 9, 2023

American Paranormal Magazine, the leading publication in the paranormal research field, is excited to announce the release of its newest issue, the Alberta edition, was a success and will continue. The December 2022 Alberta edition is available now for purchase both digitally and in print, and can be shipped internationally as well as to locations within the U.S. It is currently still available for free reading on

The December Alberta edition features a cover story about Paranormal Zone with Dr. Steve Ramsey and includes some of Canada's most interesting paranormal legends.

"We're huge fans of Canadian legends and lore," said Kim Eaton, Executive Publisher and Volunteer of American Paranormal Magazine. "We have loads of new content in the queue and plan to continue publishing the Alberta edition every month beginning February 2023."

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Kim Eaton

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