utah nonprofit paranormal team

Central Utah Paranormal

Fillmore, Utah

Ben Stephenson and his team at Central Utah Paranormal conduct both public and private investigations using a variety of equipment.

They are respectful of spirits, even inviting them to participate in investigations when appropriate, and do not charge a fee for their services.

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Paranormal Pulse


Paranormal Pulse is a scientifically based organization that uses logical, evidence-
based reasoning to research, investigate, and gain knowledge in the paranormal field.
We utilize a database, of our design, to catalog and analyze every potential piece of
evidence. Our clients receive access to a secure webpage comprised of all evidence
and history that we acquired and discovered. All our findings solely belong to our
clients. We take confidentiality very seriously. We never publicly release any information
without the prior consent of the client. We educate our clients on the investigative
procedures and equipment that will be utilized during the investigation. Paranormal
Pulse volunteers our time and members at no cost to the client. Our group has a
passion for preserving history; therefore, our team often helps municipalities and
individual historical locations fundraise. Our efforts bring positive awareness to these
exceptional towns. Paranormal Pulse’s professionalism and deep passion for the
paranormal have earned us a stellar reputation. Several members of the group have
over 2 decades of investigative experience. Clients can be confident that Paranormal
Pulse will always be professional, truthful, and respectful. We have our finger on the
pulse of the paranormal.