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The Unknown Paranormal

Vancouver, British Columbia

A team of three researchers in Vancouver investigating the history of allegedly haunted sites, The Unknown Paranormal conducts interviews and collects evidence supporting the existence of paranormal activity. They use a variety of electronic devices and audio recorders. 

They enjoy conducting interviews with locals and owners, finding out the history and truth behind the locations they investigate, and do not charge a fee for their services.

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Haunted History BC

British Columbia

Haunted History BC is an award-winning sister team of paranormal researchers, authors, and historians based in British Columbia, Canada. To preserve Canadian history, they travel to haunted locations across the country to research history, local legends, and paranormal activity. They won the prestigious BC Heritage Award for storytelling in 2022. Their project BC Legends and Folklore—History, Heritage and Hauntings was recognized in the Education, Communication and Awareness category. Their community involvement earned them the History Hero Award in 2021. They volunteer, donate, and fundraise for museums and heritage sites in their local communities. Several volumes of The Feminine Macabre and The Morbid Curious have featured their essays. The sisters launched the first Canadian paranormal magazine Evenings and Avenues—Hauntings in the Outskirts in June, 2022. They love sharing ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, and true crime stories from a historical perspective. They're regular guests on podcasts, blogs, and social media.