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Nonprofit Paranormal Investigators

The individuals and teams in our directory do not charge for their investigations. They offer their ghost hunting and investigative services as a free, public service to those in need of assistance and answers. Please select your state to locate a nonprofit nearest you.

Services may include: paranormal investigation with EMF meters-detectors, digital thermometers, infrared thermometers, digital video cameras, night vision cameras, night vision goggles, digital audio-voice recorders, ghost boxes, laser grid systems, EVP spike sensors, EVP recorders, REM pods, EDI+ meters, Ovilus, and other cutting-edge technology. Other services include: sound engineering, ufology, medium, sensitive, and psychic intuition, hypnosis, past life regression, historians, cryptozoology, parapsychology, demonologist, witchcraft, hoodoo, and hex-breaking, telepathy, psychic counseling, Reiki, home cleansing, blessing, and much more.


Begin by visiting the page for your state or see our remote services section. This directory is consistently growing so please check back often. Please note that the teams and individuals listed in the directory are not affiliated with American Paranormal Magazine.

Email us if you need more information about our directory.

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