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The process of being featured in our magazine is both straightforward and convenient.

We have updated and elevated the criteria for inclusion, yet the majority of nominees successfully make it to onboarding and publication. 

The nomination form is located at the bottom of this page.

You may nominate yourself or your team once.

What to expect when you have been nominated for a feature in American Paranormal Magazine


APP (formerly APM) makes the process of being featured simple and convenient for all. The entire process can be accomplished efficiently through email instead of traditional phone calls, recordings, or videoconferences.


Once you have responded to your invite, you will be asked to submit the following in order for our writers to create a well-rounded profile story for you and/or your research or investigative team:


  • Your team’s origin and background info (a team bio for our reference is helpful if you already have one prepared) and members

  • 4-6 photos and (a logo would be great) in the highest resolution you have.

  • Research/investigation methods

  • Any community outreach/involvement

  • Plans for future research and development

  • Websites/social media handles/contact information (for public use)

  • Brief descriptions of your favorite experiences/locations

Anything else you would like to include is always welcome. You'll find our volunteer staff is very friendly and accommodating, and you are welcome to give us a call at 512-387-4437 should you need any assistance though we ask that you also send an accompanying email for a faster response. All of our staff members are volunteers and work remotely.


​Inside Features vs Cover Page Features


Upon accepting a nomination and choosing to proceed with your feature, you will be initially scheduled for a free, 2-page inside feature by default. There is never any cost associated with a standard feature in our magazine.


Are the magazines online only?


No. Our magazines are available in both print and digital in our webstore. However, we are not on newsstands. Newsstand sales are meant to increase circulation and promote a company's brand, not to generate revenue. Because we do not have a marketing budget of this magnitude, this simply does not suit our organization. We do fulfill print orders through a third party, shipped directly to customers. Our magazine is also currently available at independent book stores throughout the US. Please refer to our Ads and Distribution section on the FAQ page for more information.


Will I be on the cover of the magazine?


We schedule everyone as a standard, inside feature by default. We do have a Cover Page Feature option and one may be available to you if scheduling allows and certain criteria are met. Simply inquire when you respond to one of our emails to discuss the possibility.


Cover Page researchers and teams must meet the following criteria and are required to make a Quid Pro Quo Contribution (QPQC) of $199 in exchange for the copyright license and official media kit:


1) Candidates should be able to claim five or more years of experience in the field of paranormal investigation and research. Legally registered entity formation is not currently required, but the team or researcher should provide evidence or a statement that it/they plan to do so in the form of a DBA, for example, or other formal registry with their state, province or local government.


2) An established website or social media outlet is required and should display your contact information, such as an email address for clients to use. A public access phone number is not currently required. If you use a social media page as your main website and point of contact, it should have a following of 1,000 or more. Another example is the use of a creator Facebook page as your main website wherein Messenger would be an acceptable point of contact for public use.


3) A group photo or photo that best represents the core of the team or the solo researcher/investigator with at least 300 dpi is required for the cover page image.


4) The investigator or team should exist for research purposes beyond entertainment. Our organization prioritizes social value over entertainment value when it comes to content creation. Those who create paranormal content with little to no effort in furthering paranormal research are welcome for a standard feature but will not be considered for a Cover Page feature. Our staff uses the following core criteria for evaluating content but is not limited to (content includes everything from video documentation to written works):

a) Clearly defined investigation methods and protocols

b) Clarity and resolution of video footage

c) Respectful treatment of locations and property owners

d) Clear and concise reporting of findings and observations

e) Contribution to the advancement of paranormal research and understanding

f) Demonstrated commitment to the field and continuous learning

g) Positive influence on the public perception of paranormal investigation

h) Sharing of methods and techniques to allow others to replicate findings


If you are interested in a Cover Page feature and feel you met the criteria, please let us know in your response to the invitation email. If we have availability, you will be able to purchase the copyright by receiving an invoice, and you can choose your preferred payment method such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, Klarna, Afterpay, or an in-house payment plan. Because we are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, the QPQC is tax deductible.


What comes with my magazine feature?


This depends on whether you are the Cover Page Feature or a standard inside feature.


Inside features receive an official As Seen in American Paranormal Press emblem, and we will announce and tag your feature across social media, mention you in a Press Release, and you will automatically be entered into our spreadsheet of potential bestowal winners. We do not release the license and use copyright for our standard features so you will not receive a final copy of your article or files to share, but you are more than welcome to purchase copies of the magazine to distribute and share the link to the magazine which you will be featured in. We upload every issue to our website for free viewing for a full month, and visitors are not required to login or register in order to read them.


If chosen for a Cover Page Feature, you would receive a PDF of the complete magazine along with a media kit with files, a press release, ad promo video to share and distribute however you wish, a spot in our Premier Paranormal Researchers section, lifetime promotion on our social media sites, and should you ever write a paranormal genre book, we will design your cover for you free of charge (this is a one-time service for Cover Features but it never expires). We also leave positive reviews for Cover Page Feature teams/individuals wherever possible, such as their Facebook business page. Otherwise, you're more than welcome to a free standard feature! Standard features are published in our magazines but we do not release the rights to these articles to anyone for their personal distribution, just to further clarify. Covers are understandably limited, but we will do our best to schedule you for one as quickly as possible based on your region and our regional editions/availability. 


Cover Features are also mentioned in a press release, receive an American Paranormal Magazine Cover Story emblem, announced and tagged across social media, and automatically entered into our spreadsheet of potential bestowal winners.


Who nominated me?


Nominations now come from many sources, including social media, email, the nomination form on our website, and even word of mouth. In the majority of cases, individuals are nominated by someone they know well, and typically, this person informs the nominee beforehand. However, if our invitation email came as a surprise, it is possible that the nominator prefers to remain anonymous. Out of utmost respect for their privacy, we are committed to not disclosing this information without their explicit consent. If the nominator has provided an email address along with the nomination, we will reach out to them and inquire whether they are comfortable revealing their identity to you. Please note that our policy, effective as of May 2023, has been updated: if we do not receive a response or are unable to contact the nominator, we will uphold their anonymity and refrain from sharing their identity with you.


Can I nominate someone for a Cover Page feature?


Please feel free to nominate as many researchers, investigators, podcasters, authors, or teams as you like. Cover Page Stories are not guaranteed, however. We will invite them for a feature in one of our magazines as long as they are operating and in good standing in the community.


View our most recent magazines by visiting the home page.


Please note that a feature in our magazine does not count as a vote for the OWLY© Award.


Our vetting process includes researching an individual, company, or other entity before making a decision to go forward with a feature offer. With a limited number of spaces per year, some candidates will not be chosen although they may be qualified.

Factors we review are history and experience, social media and website development, activity, community standing, and more. This is a lengthy process with much to consider. Please note that our paranormal publication does not perform criminal background checks.


A standard feature in American Paranormal Magazine and the accompanying promotion is entirely free.


Researchers are allowed to nominate themselves only once.

Nomination Form

Thanks for submitting! We'll invite them via email within 2 weeks.

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