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At American Paranormal Press, we believe in the power of genuine connections. We go beyond being just a publication by actively supporting and promoting researchers in their quest to unravel the enigmas of the paranormal world. Through our grants and awards, we provide financial assistance to both renowned and lesser-known researchers who are passionate about exploring cryptids, ghosts and hauntings, telekinesis, UFOs, magic, mediumship, monsters, occult, mysticism, and other fascinating subjects.

But we're not just about history and facts. We're here to spark your curiosity and immerse you in a world of wonder. We curate a fine selection of paranormal news, cutting-edge investigations, and groundbreaking research, ensuring that our readers get the very best. And if you're looking for more, we have an engaging blog and active social media pages for you to follow, where we share even more captivating content and connect with our community.

So, join us on this extraordinary journey as we navigate the realms of the unexplained together. From spine-chilling encounters that send shivers down your spine to thought-provoking theories that challenge the boundaries of our understanding, American Paranormal Press invites you to unlock the secrets of the unknown. And if you're a researcher, big or small, renowned or up-and-coming, we offer Cover Page Features to showcase your work and share your unique perspective with our rapidly growing international audience. 

Our operations at American Paranormal Press are fueled by passionate volunteers. Every aspect of our organization, from research to content creation, is driven by individuals dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of the paranormal. We are proud to be entirely volunteer-run, as it reflects our genuine commitment to the subject matter and our desire to share it with our readers. It's the collective effort of our team that allows us to bring you captivating stories and thought-provoking research on unexplained events and phenomena.

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Nomination Form

Nominate a paranormal researcher or team for a feature in our magazine. invitations are open to paranormal investigators, podcasters, authors, researchers, "ghost hunters", content creators, and more.

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